Strategic Guidance for

Sustainable Business Success

We provide comprehensive strategic guidance to help your business thrive in today's competitive landscape. Our experts work closely with you to analyze your unique challenges and opportunities, creating a tailored roadmap for sustainable success. With our proven methodologies and innovative solutions, we empower you to navigate the complexities of business management with confidence.


Empowering Your Business Journey

At D14 Coaching, LLC, our mission is to be your trusted partner on the path to business excellence. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to innovation.

Our journey began with a simple but profound belief that every business, regardless of its size or industry, has the potential to achieve remarkable success.

Guided by this principle, we help organizations navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities.

High Quality Services

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  • Expensive 24/7/365 Customer Service

  • Lead Generation and Conversion

  • Lead Generation and Conversion

  • Engaging customers and keeping them interested round the clock is crucial in today's digital era. Our AI Chatbot can provide personalized interactions, recommend products or services based on customer preferences, and even schedule appointments.

  • Monitoring Online Reviews

  • Timely Response to Reviews

  • Enhancing Brand Perception

  • The D14 Reputation Management Program automatically responds to online reviews. You can also display your reviews on your website with the same feature to enhance your brand. Automating review requests is fast and easy.

  • Competing With Peers in the Marketplace

  • Effective Lead Generation

  • Increased Credibility & Authority in Your Field

  • Our founder, David DeSchoolmeester, is a 5-Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and has aided more than 80 others to achieve the same outcome. Being an Author is still a big deal, even in the "Digital Age". It gives you more "clout" than you would think!

  • Lack of Social Media Expertise

  • Low Engagement & Reach

  • Limited Time & Resources

  • What if you had someone providing you with Excellent Social Content (30 posts - one for each day) and provided a Social Planning Tool for you to schedule a full months worth of posts in an hour each month?!? Would that be worth something to you?


Meet The Founder

David "D14" DeSchoolmeester

  • 5-Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

    • The Authority Maker

    • Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

    • Systems Thinking, A Blueprint For Success

    • Instant Credibility

    • Sleep Apnea Dream Killer

  • Certified Business Performance Coach

  • Founder of...

    • D14 Coaching 9-Step Coaching System

    • The Physicians Forever Practice System

    • A Bot For You

  • Certified OpenAI ChatGPT Expert

What do they have to Say?


E. Gaylon McCullough, MD

Plastic Surgeon

It has been a pleasure working with David DeSchoolmeester on a couple of projects.

David has the technical skills and insight into how to best deliver one’s message to the masses.


Joy Smith-Jones, DO


I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable as Mr. David DeSchoolmeester. In our conversations over the last few weeks, I've learned how to develop an entrepreneurial and business mindset.

He has given me the step by step tools and homework to figure out who my ideal avatar is so that I can market them effectively. He has also helped me develop an elevator speech.

I feel that I can now communicate confidently and eloquently at networking events as well as with potential patients. Thank you so very much for this opportunity!!


Michael Wingfield

Financial Advisor

After speaking with David about his services I'm convinced he's the coach I want to help me grow my business. I look forward to my continued relationship with David and I would strongly encourage anyone who has a great desire to grow their business to visit with David. His well thought out and concise plan, specifically developed for me, is spot on.


Sean Casto

Business Owner

Excellent work! Looking forward to working with David again.

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