Hi, I'm David & This Is My Story

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

David "D14" DeSchoolmeester served over 12 years before becoming disabled and Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Navy.

How I Work:

  • FIRST: You Book-A-Call with me!

  • SECOND: We meet and together we create a plan to overcome the biggest obstacles in your path to success.

  • THIRD: You make the decision whether to have us implement this plan with you or you attempt it on your own like you've been doing.

After being in the U.S. Navy,

I know what it's like to serve others!

Prior to becoming a Disabled Veteran, I served this great country for over 12 years as an active duty U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Plant Operator.

I served on three nuclear vessels:

  • The Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68);

  • The Guided Missile Cruiser USS Mississippi (CGN-40);

  • The Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) pictured above.

When my disability put me out of the U.S. Navy, I continued to serve another 16 years for the U.S. Federal Government in numerous positions. Most of my Federal Government service was spent in the Veterans Health Administration.

I became the Administrator for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology & Radiation Safety for the Miami VA Medical Center for several years. I spent several more years as the Business Manager for the Healthcare Retention & Recruitment Office where I managed a budget of just over $78 M.

By the way David, Where did the "D14" come from?

I'm so glad you asked.

You see, my name is David DeSchoolmeester.

And in the military we call each other by our rank and our last names.

So, do you think anyone had a problem with my last name?

Since my last name has 15 letters in it, I quickly became "D + 14" or simply "D14"!

I have had that name since 1983.

My wife even calls herself Mrs. D14!

So, when it came time to establish a name for my business, I couldn't think of any better one than the one my Navy shipmates gave me so many years ago.

Plus, people really like asking about it and laugh out loud when I tell them the story.


Quite some time ago, I suffered a long and drawn out illness where I lost most everything that meant anything to me - my job, the respect of my peers, the respect of family and friends, over 40% of my pay, and even my marriage.

It took three years for the doctors to determine what was wrong and get me on-the-mend. Of course, I thought everything was better at that point.

However, an old Navy buddy still noticed a great deal of depression in my voice. So, he told me to write down everything bad that happened to me in the last 3-years. Then he told me to crumple it up and throw it in my burning fireplace.

So I wrote the list. But, when I read what I wrote, I just couldn't throw it away. So, instead I formatted it for Amazon and published my first book.

I knew other people needed to hear what I had to say about how Sleep Apnea nearly destroyed my life.

It wasn't long before "Sleep Apnea Dream Killer" became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and people started to call me for advice.
This is where I learned about the POWER of a book and how becoming an author gives you tremendous AUTHORITY & CREDIBILITY!

I studied like crazy to learn how to do this on purpose and how to do this for others. The result was that I became a 5-Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and helping more than 80 others to achieve Best Seller status as well.

Wouldn't you like to have that kind of power working for you?


Once I learned the secrets behind creating a book (without writing it) in as little as 30-days, I had to learn more. I already had two Bachelors Degrees (1 - Business Administration and 1 - Marketing).

I wanted to learn more about how to build a successful business online in the digital world. After exhaustive research, I found the top performers in their industry and gleaned everything I could.

They all had different approaches and taught slightly different concepts, but they were all very, very successful and incredible teachers. I spent over 10 years soaking up everything I could from these leaders.

Taking everything I learned, I put together my own Training Program and Coaching System.

I realized that each person taught different aspects of Business, Marketing, and SEO. I wanted to produce a program that could take a private practitioner, or any service business owner for that matter, from beginning to selling or franchising your practice / business in Nine Simple Steps!

The Forever Practice Coaching System was born!


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