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5 Reasons Practices Fail

American Institute of Health Care Professionals; November 7, 2023

Having a system in place from the beginning can ensure that none of these issues infect your practice.

Check out The D14 Coaching System below to learn why and how we make a difference in your practice!

  • Doctor's Underestimate The Work Involved

  • Low Patient Satisfaction Is A Rampant Problem

  • The Medical Practice Is Not Unique Or Informative

  • Lack Of Planning For Future Growth

  • Not Being Flexible Or Adaptive

Elevate Your Practice / Business To Unprecedented Heights With

The D14 Coaching System

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical Practice / Business, where challenges lurk around every corner and opportunities await the well-prepared, stands D14 Coaching, your beacon of guidance and transformation. I am David DeSchoolmeester, a Certified Business Performance Coach, leveraging a potent amalgamation of mentorship wisdom, industry insights, and a groundbreaking 9-Step Coaching System, designed to catapult your medical Practice / Business into realms of success you've only dreamed of.

Why Coaching? Why Now?

In a world brimming with potential yet fraught with complexities, every medical professional or business owner stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. Articles from Forbes and Entrepreneur have illuminated the undeniable truth: mentorship is not merely beneficial; it is the backbone of unparalleled success. Think Zuckerberg under Jobs' wings, Plato under Socrates. Now, envision you, soaring under the wing of D14 Coaching.

Introducing - The D14 Coaching System

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our 9-Step Coaching System is your compass in the tumultuous journey of medical or business entrepreneurship. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.


  • Step 1: Goals & Business Planning

Unleash the power of SMART Goals to foster clarity, enhance time management, and amplify staff engagement. Imagine your Practice / Business moving with precision and purpose, every team member aligned and motivated.

  • Step 2: Avatar - Your Ideal Patient / Client

Dive deep into the psyche of your ideal patient. Enhance your marketing ROI, forge effective communication, and minimize risks. Your Practice / Business will no longer chase shadows but attract the right patients effortlessly.

  • Step 3: Million Dollar Message

Master the art of messaging that connects and converts. Elevate patient conversion, refine communication, and ensure consistency across all patient interactions. Your Practice / Business's message will resonate, echoing your unparalleled value.


  • Step 4: Creating & Using Social Content

Leverage FAQs and success stories to magnify your market influence and streamline content creation. Educate and engage your patients, establishing your authority without the burnout of constant content production.

  • Step 5: Developing Winning Campaigns

Design campaigns that captivate and convert. Increase patient flow, enhance lead generation, and boost brand awareness with simplicity and efficiency. No more high costs, just high impact.

  • Systematize & Automate:

Transform your Practice / Business with streamlined processes and SOPs. Achieve unmatched proficiency, efficiency, and cost savings. Your Practice / Business will run like a well-oiled machine, freeing you to focus on what matters most.


  • Step 7: Speaking

Expand your reach and bolster patient confidence with strategic media engagement. Differentiate yourself, command attention, and establish a thought leadership position that leaves competitors in the dust.

  • Step 8: Expansion

Explore new horizons with calculated expansion strategies. Enhance networking, patient flow, and reduce management headaches. Grow your Practice / Business with confidence and grace.

  • Step 9: Franchising

Multiply your success without multiplying your stress. Explore franchising with insight and support, creating scalable growth and diversified revenue streams. Your Practice’s / Business's legacy will be a beacon of excellence and innovation.

Your Journey to Success Begins Here

With D14 Coaching, you're not just surviving; you're thriving. Beyond the daily hurdles! Envision your Practice / Business breaking new grounds, setting industry standards, and creating a legacy that transcends time.

Why D14 Coaching?

  • Personalized Strategies:

Tailored coaching that respects your unique vision and challenges.

  • Proven Framework:

Having a tested and refined system has brought success to over 42,000 business owners.

  • Empowering Community:

Connect with peers, share insights, and grow together.

  • Ongoing Support:

Continuous learning and support to keep you ahead of the curve.

Transform Your Practice / Business Today

Imagine, just a year from now, the heights your Practice / Business could reach with D14 Coaching by your side. More than overcoming challenges, think of the legacy you'll build, the lives you'll touch and the success you'll achieve.

Are You Ready To Unlock Your Practice / Business True Potential?

"Book-A-Call" With D14 Coaching today.

Together, we'll turn your dreams into reality.

"Embark on a journey of transformation and success. D14 is your guide to a thriving, impactful Practice / Business."

What Is It Like Working With D14 Coaching?

  • Step 1: You "Book-A-Call"

Once I receive your request to meet ("Book-A-Call") and you are on my schedule. I will contact you to work out the particulars if you want to meet in person or online - what makes sense for both of us.

  • Step 2: The First Meeting

There is NO COST for the first meeting. It is for us to get to know each other to do two things. (1) For both of us to see if we are a good match to work together; (2) For me to gather information on you and your business so that we can, together, work out a plan of attack.

  • Step 3: Decision Time

After I tell you what I feel is the best way forward, you then have to make a decision if you would like to become one of my Private Coaching Clients. If yes, the investment is $2,000 per month or $20,000 for the year! Saving you $4,000 or 20%! No money is invested until you and I get a chance to see if we would make a good fit. You get a chance to see if I can help you by allowing me to help you for free!

  • Step 4: Ongoing Work

We will meet (with NO interruptions) once every 2 weeks for 45 min to 60 min.

We will first handle any emergent situations.

We then weave the D14 9-Step Coaching System into your program as it makes sense to.
I will record each meeting and put the recording in a Google Drive that only you and I have access to.

At the end of each meeting we will clarify what needs to be done, and by whom, before the next meeting.

We will track progress at each meeting to ensure we are on track to achieving our goals.

As a Private Coaching Client, you will have FREE access to "The D14 Community" once established, and FREE access to all courses offered in the "The D14 Community" for as long as you are a Private Coaching Client.


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