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Become A Bestselling Author In 60 - 90 Days!

Hey there, Future Bestselling Author! David "D14" DeSchoolmeester here, and I've got a question for you. What if I told you that there's a SECRET FUNNEL that the top experts, consultants, and practitioners are using to exponentially grow their businesses, build undeniable authority, and literally dominate their market?

Well, there IS... And it's something you might not expect. It's not about more ads, more posts, or more hustle. It's something timeless, powerful, and surprisingly underutilized in the digital age:

It's becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

But not just any author. I'm talking about being the author of a bestselling book that positions you as the #1 authority in your field.

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The "Write" Way to Grow Your Business

Forbes once highlighted "Writing and publishing a book isn't just a solitary pursuit; it's also a collaborative, immersive learning experience for both the author and the reader." Authors are seen as thought leaders, receive higher fees for their services, and enjoy unparalleled credibility (Source: Forbes, "5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Consider A Book").

But here's the catch: Writing a book sounds overwhelming, right? You're running a practice or business; you don't have months to sit in front of a computer typing away, hoping it all works out.

That's exactly why I want to introduce you to a game-changer in the world of business growth and personal branding:

D14 Coaching's Done With You Book Authoring Service

This isn't just any service. It's a meticulously designed, step-by-step process that takes you from "I wish I could write a book" to "I'm a bestselling author" in 30 to 45 days, with less than 20 hours of your time required.

How It Works: Your Funnel to Bestseller Status

  • Framework Development:

We start with the end in mind, mapping out your book to ensure it hits hard, delivers immense value, and sets you apart.

  • Cover & Title Magic:

The book cover and title are your ad to the world. We craft yours to stop scrollers in their tracks and compel them to read more.

  • Effortless Content Creation:

Through targeted interviews, we extract your golden nuggets of wisdom and get them transcribed. Your insights become the chapters of your book – no writing required from you.

  • Multimedia Mastery:

Beyond the book, we create engaging video and audio snippets for each chapter, skyrocketing your online presence and authority.

  • Launch & Celebrate:

With strategic pricing and a killer launch plan, we aim for the bestseller lists. And when we hit them, we don't just celebrate; we amplify your success with a Best Seller seal on your book.


In the spirit of overdelivering, if you sign up for D14 Author service, we're not stopping with just a book. We're building you a complete authority platform, from podcast audio content to teaching you how to leverage your book for stages, for media appearances, and exponential business growth. So, here's everything you get:

  • Your Book - between 100 to 125 pages ($25,000 to $45,000 VALUE)

  • A Video For Each Chapter - that can be used on any video platform (Approx. $500 to $1,250 VALUE each chapter)

  • An Audio For Each Chapter - usable on any audio/podcast platform (Approx. $500 to $1,250 VALUE each chapter)

  • Coaching - The Steps For Getting The Word Out To The Media ($2,000 VALUE)

  • Content for Amazon Sales Page ($800 VALUE)

  • Content for Amazon Author Page ($800 VALUE)

  • Design A Two-Page Website To Sell Your Book [hosting not included] ($1,600 VALUE)

  • Business Coaching for 2 Months ($4,000 VALUE)


TOTAL VALUE = $35,200 ! !

YOUR INVESTMENT = $12,000 ! !

Performance Bonus (ONLY for achieving Best Seller Status) + $2,000 ! !

Your Investment In Authority

At $12,000, with a performance bonus ($2,000) on achieving bestseller status, you're not just getting a book; you're getting a transformational business asset. Considering Forbes reports on authors seeing a significant uptick in their business value post-publishing, the ROI here isn't just probable; it's inevitable.

Let's Start "Writing" Your Legacy

This isn't just about becoming an author. It's about unlocking a new level of impact, income, and authority. It's about leveraging a secret funnel that most are overlooking. It's about stepping into the spotlight and owning your niche.

Are You Ready To Become The Authority You're Destined To Be?

Let's make it happen. Together, with D14 Coaching's Done With You Book Authoring Service, your story of success is just waiting to be written.

"Don't just make a living; make a mark. Let's turn your expertise into a bestselling book."


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